Coheed & Cambria gig night in the city

This post is going to be about my Friday night out at the Coheed & Cambria gig in the city that I have been mentioning all last week as I was so excited, and oh my goodness guys, I had the BEST night!

So me and my partner got the train up to Melbourne (Australia) at around 4.50pm as we were meeting some of our friends in the city who were also going to the gig.


The photo above is my partner (gorgeous, right?) who fell asleep on the way up because he only had 4 hours sleep due to working night shift all week (poor boy).
The train ride was so boring but I was extremely excited to get to the city!


We got to the city around 6.00pm and waited at the station for our mates who hadn’t arrived yet. Once they arrived, we went for the longest walk (I swear, it was so long haha) to find a place to eat before the gig. There were 8 of us who went. We spontaneously ended up at this AMAZING burger place called Big Boy BBQ where they make burgers with meat (chicken, beef, pork etc) that has been slow cooked and marinated and holy Christ, it is literally the best thing I have ever tried!


As you can see from the photo of the menu, they also do other foods such as wings, ribs, desserts etc. I got the Aussie burger which was a chicken burger with a side of cheesy jalapeno chips, which I shared with Bill (my partner), which was also amazing and so filling! It was honestly the best place I have eaten at! So if you live in Melbourne, or visit Melbourne, I highly recommend trying this place out!

We got to the venue at 8.30pm, which was already packed and waited around until Coheed & Cambria came on stage which was at 9.00pm. Guys, I cannot express how good Coheed & Cambria played. I have never seen them live as they hardly ever come to Australia, and I was honestly blown away!

They played for an hour and a half, which is pretty long set. Usually gigs I attend, the bands only play for 20 minutes (roughly). They unfortunately didn’t play my favorite song ten speed, which was really disappointing, but other than that, this gig has probably been the best one I have been to so far!

Above are some pictures Bill kindly took for me, as I was way to short to get them haha.

We didn’t leave the venue until around 11.00pm and from there we walked back to the station and got on our train at 12.15am. We were all so tired from the gig that we fell asleep on the ride home haha. We got back to Geelong at 1.00am then went home. Bill and I were going to go back to our friends house to continue our amazing night, but we were so tired, we didn’t.

The experience of seeing Coheed & Cambria was just, there are no words to describe it. They played such an amazing set, everyone was having a great time drinking and listening to them play. And I am so glad I got to see them with amazing people who made the night even more amazing! I’m saying amazing a lot because there just aren’t any other words to describe this night haha.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you like me posting stuff like this, please let me know if you would like to see more!

Much love guys,




4 thoughts on “Coheed & Cambria gig night in the city

  1. ayrgalaxy says:

    No way! Lucky! I’ve never met anybody who knew of this band until now. Ahh! I haven’t heard their songs in a long long time and seeing this post brings back such good memories! Welcome Home, The Suffering.. And my favorites; Feathers, Delirium Trigger.. Ten Speed is a good song too. My most most favorite has to be The Light & The Glass. I remember I tried to learn playing it on the guitar.

    Liked by 1 person

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