Advice & tips about blogging

For today’s post, I want to give everyone some advice and tips I have come to learn about blogging. This might help some of you who are just starting out as a blogger, or anyone who still struggles. Now, I am no expert at this and have only been blogging for 2 months, but I have learn’t quite a lot in that short amount of time and wanted to share them with you.
Lets start!

1. Have the right essentials.
First things first, you can’t start a blog without a laptop, Ipad or phone. So make sure you have either one you feel more comfortable using. Another handy thing to have, is a journal or two so you can write down your ideas or thought. This will help you more than you think and you won’t be stuck on what posts to write.

2. Be passionate.
I found this to be very important if you want to start a blog. If you are not passionate about blogging or the topics you choose to write about, you won’t enjoy it which will lead to less blog posts being written or you will start looking at it as a chore you feel you have to do, and we don’t like that feeling, do we? Blog about something you love and be passionate about it. You will enjoy blogging a lot more.

3. Be yourself.
There’s nothing worse than feeling like you have to blog about one thing because everyone seems more interested in that. Blogging is about expressing who you are and sharing things you love with others. If you want to blog about animals, books, even nature because you love those things and want to share your love for them with others, do it. Don’t hold back. You don’t have to base your blog around makeup or fashion etc. This is your blog. Be yourself.

4. Take photos.
This is probably an hypocritical step as this post has no photos, but we will worry about that later. You don’t need a $1000 camera or photography skills to take photos for your blog. To be honest with you, I have stopped using my camera and have started using my Ipad Air 2 to take my photos. I love my camera, and will start using it when I take photos when I’m out and about, but when I’m at home, my Ipad is my camera.
All you need to do, is have a decent background for your photos and good lighting and bam! You’ll have a pretty picture! The reason I’m saying take photos, is because it shows you have put effort into your post, it makes your blog pretty and people love pictures. It makes a big difference when you add photos.

5. Plan.
This takes us back to number 1 with the journals. Planning out your posts and what you’re going to write, will help keep the stress away and will help you keep on top of things. Take a journal out with you and write down all the ideas you have or think of that day and you’ll be set for blog post ideas.

6. Make it fun.
You can definitely have fun whilst writing. Switch up on topics, put in little facts, research and learn more about what you’re blogging about and keep it interesting. Writing doesn’t have to be dull or boring. It also helps if your desk is set up nicely without clutter. It’ll keep you calm and in a good mood because there will be enough space to plan/write and maybe sneak in a little snack. 😉

7. Social media.
I’m sure we all have Facebook because well, Facebook can be quite addictive. But having more than one social media sites can really help you promote your blog and engage with your followers. Some types of social media that are great for this, are:
– Instagram
– Twitter
– Pinterest

8. Socialise.
No, I don’t mean go out shopping with your friends, I mean replying to comments on your blog, interacting with your followers, reading/commenting on other bloggers posts etc. It’s always good to show that you care what your followers think and that their opinion/thoughts matter.

9. Get involved.
Get involve with social events such as meet ups, makeup/clothing launch parties, giveaways etc. It will give you an experience that you will be able to share with your followers, an experience to always remember and it’s always good to just be involved in things you are passionate about.
I’m not saying jump straight into doing this, but once you have your blog up and running and it’s hitting off great, I think getting involved would be amazing and fun!

10. Make your blog page stand out.
But don’t make it stand out too much that it blinds people. Do your page up however you want, but make it so people will be drawn to it and will keep coming back.
Put nice headings with nice fonts, pictures, anything that represents you or your business but will also keep people interested in your blog.
A pretty blog attracts people.

So that is all I have to give to you. These steps have all helped me so much. I live by these steps and because they have helped me, I wanted to share them with you.
As I said before, I am no expert at blogging. These steps are purely based off my experience. I hope they help you like they help me.

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79 thoughts on “Advice & tips about blogging

  1. beyzasdfg says:

    thanks a lot for the ideas you covered. would you mind if I asked you to check my latest post on my blog? I’m sorry because it hasn’t even been read by someone. 😢

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mocha Mad Mum! says:

    Great tips! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Favourite was taking your own photographs! I did this more when I first started and I would say 50% are my own photos and I try to use my own when I can! Thanks for sharing!


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