Depression can lead to suicide – Let’s be aware of it

Today’s post isn’t going to be a happy one at all, and I apologise for that. I want to address something that I think needs to be taken more seriously. I’m not saying no one takes it seriously, but not many people are aware. This is a really heavy subject for me and I’m sure for many others, but today, it’s extremely heavy for me.

I can’t tell you how much pain I feel when I hear the word ‘suicide’.
I can’t understand what goes through people’s mind when they think of ending their life.
All I know, is we need to be more aware and help those who need help as much as we can. Whether that be giving them a number they can call or sitting down with them and talking.
No one deserves to think they need to end their life.
No one deserves unhappiness or living in a state of not even wanting to live anymore.

Today I got a phone call, one I wish I never got. My mum rang me to tell me that someone who was once a big part of my life had ended his life. His son, who only turned 1 not long ago, won’t grow up with his dad. My friend, won’t get to watch his son grow up.
I don’t know why he did it and I never will know why. All I know, is he felt he couldn’t live anymore, so he left, and that hurts me.

According to the internet, approximately 1 million people commit suicide a year – that is about 1 death every 40 seconds, or 3,000 per day. Can you believe that?
Suicide is no joke.
Depression effects more people than we think. Some may not realise they have it and some choose to hide it. But it’s everywhere and that scares me.


I honestly can’t tell you how I feel today. I’m numb. It’s effected me more than I thought it would and I just can’t get my head around it.
I wish there was an easy way around it, to go back in time maybe, so whatever he was feeling, he could get help. He could maybe beat the bad thoughts that he had and not take the easy way out.

There are different types of depression that I think we all need to be aware of. You never know, it could hit your children, parents, friends, anyone close to you and you won’t know it. Sometimes, you won’t realise a person has it until it’s too late. Let’s not let that happen.
I will provide below the types of depression and the symptoms for each one. If you think you know someone who has it and they aren’t aware or just not speaking up and trying to deal with it on their own, please provide help for them in any way possible.
That’s all they need – to feel loved, worthy of living, to know they can talk to someone, to know that life can be beautiful – it’s not always a dark cloud.

Types of Depression:

You might, or someone you know might have this type if you feel depressed most of the time for most days of the week.
Symptoms are:
– Loss of interest or pleasure in your activities.
– Weight-loss or gain.
– Trouble getting to sleep or feeling sleepy through the day.
– Feelings of being ‘sped up’ or ‘slowed down’
– Being tired and without energy.
– Feeling worthless or guilty.
– Troubles concentrating or making decisions.
– Thoughts of suicide.

If you have depression that lasts for 2 years or longer, it’s called persistent depressive disorder. It used to be called Dysthymia.
Symptoms are:
– Change in your appetite. (not eating enough or overeating.)
– Sleep too much or too little.
– Lack of energy or fatigue.
– Low self-esteem.
– Trouble concentrating or making decisions.
– Feeling hopeless.

People with psychotic depression have the symptoms of major depression along with ‘psychotic’ symptoms, such as:
– Hallucinations. (seeing or hearing things that aren’t there.)
– Delusions. (false beliefs.)
– Paranoia. (wrongly believing that others are trying to harm you.)

Women with PMDD have depression and other symptoms at the start of periods.
Besides feeling depressed, other symptoms are:
– Mood swings.
– Irritability.
– Anxiety.
– Trouble concentrating.
– Fatigue.
– Change in appetite or sleep habits.
– Feelings of being overwhelmed.

This type is different from the persistent sadness of typical depression. If you have atypical depression, a positive event can temporarily improve your mood.
Symptoms are:- Increased appetite.
– Sleeping more than usual.
– Feelings of heaviness in your arms and legs.
– Oversensitive to criticism.

So these are some of the types of depression. As you can see, there are actually quite a few.
I really think we all need to be aware of this and the symptoms. It could really save a life.
I am no expert on depression. I’m just a person who has been through losing someone close due to it. I’m reaching out, and offering help to those who aren’t aware of it. If I can help someone, help a loved one or someone they know save a life, I will.

Suicide and depression is not a joke. It should always be taken seriously.

Rest in peace to all those who have felt the need to end their life. I hope wherever you are, you have found some kind of peace.







63 thoughts on “Depression can lead to suicide – Let’s be aware of it

  1. Sarah Shafni says:

    This is a very good post! Thank u for the awareness. Its really sad to see ppl emd their u said no one deseves that..n every9ne deserves to be happy. Thank u for this post.

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  2. TheBeauty&FoodLab says:

    I pray and hope that each and everyone in this world can stand up to any problem whether professional, personal or just individual and move on, but never take away their lives as we live only once..

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  3. Penchants and Prejudice says:

    Lovely post. I did one on the topic not too long ago because suicide is something I’ve dealt with a few times. Thank you for helping to spread awareness, and I’m ever so sorry for your loss. I can’t tell you it gets any easier to accept, but I’m here if you ever need to talk x

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  4. K@countingpenniesandsheep says:

    Thank you for this post and I am sure it was difficult sharing this. ❤

    Raising awareness and keeping people on top of this is a must!

    Suicide leaves so many unanswered questions. I know, I had to explain to my son 18 years ago at the age of 11 that his dad had passed. At the time I didn't tell him how. And then 5 years ago, when my son returned from serving his country overseas, he lost 2 buddies within 6 mos of being back, to that ugly beast. We are losing approximately 22 veterans/solders per day! A number that is totally unacceptable!

    I am truly sorry for your loss.

    Kind Regards and warm thoughts heading your way – K

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  5. shreyans says:

    Thank you so much for bringing this topic. It really is time to address this issue…and you explained it perfectly…hope that more people reads this..
    Thank you for sharing..

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  6. saturdayonwednesday says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Emily. I completely understand having lost 2 people in my life to suicide too, additionally having suffered suicidal thoughts myself (a story for another time). I have studied Psychology and there is a reason why a good bit of it focuses on depression alone. It’s a very complex and disturbing disorder. I am glad you are sharing your thoughts and spreading the awareness, thank you for that. If I could please just ask you not to encourage the “easy way out” remark regarding the suicide, it is a very dangerous way of putting it as it really isn’t an easy decision, in fact it isn’t a decision at all. It’s a disorder and when it comes down to it, chemical unbalanced that is anything but easy to live with. The majority of people who attempted suicide report that being the hardest act of their lives, especially as they felt it wasn’t their decision at all. I think it’s very important to understand that. I never looked at it before like this until I studied it in deptht. When you suffer from depression, free will is not a factor. If you were free you would not chose to have depression. You would not chose to hurt yourself and hurt your loved ones. Many also reported increased suicidal thoughts because of the judgemental view on suicide attempts that drove some to try again. I am 100% sure you did not mention this intentionally, I really am, I just wanted to point it out and draw some awareness to that point.

    I am truly so sorry for your loss and I hope you will heal fast. Try to remember your friend as a free man and try not to let anyone define his life by the consequence of his illness. I love you and please know that I am here if you need to talk to someone who has gone through a similar thing ❤

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  7. Kaitlin Gillespie says:

    Very nicely written. I am so very sorry for your loss. I know it’s easy to blame yourself for not seeing the signs but it’s not that simple. All we can do now is honor his life, spread his story, and educate others on the seriousness of Depression and Anxiety. Like you said, it’s something so easily overlooked. ♥️♥️

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  8. Alise Bane says:

    Thank you for trying to spread awareness. I have never lost someone to suicide, but my best friend did attempt it about a year ago. I went through so much pain when she didn’t even succeeded in it, I can only imagine your pain. I am sorry for your loss and I hope you have support to help you with your loss.

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  9. EMILY ROSE says:

    I am so sorry for addressing it like that, I was upset and wasn’t exactly thinking straight. Thankyou for pointing it out and bringing awareness to that, I appreciate it!
    I’m sorry you have lost people close to you because of this, its not an easy thing to deal with.
    Thankyou for reading this post and taking the time to comment.

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  10. saturdayonwednesday says:

    I debated so much about commenting about it because I was afraid of coming across insensitive or rude, because I really really do not mean that, but it’s so hard to know how you come across in the comments and how another person will read it.
    As I said I did not think for a second that you mean it like that, especially because you made it clear that your intentions were the best of he best – to bring awareness and to make people look closer into those surrounding them. Depression is so common but so hard to spot! I’m really thankful for your post and again so sorry for your loss xxx

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  11. EMILY ROSE says:

    I prefer people to come forward and address something that they think needs to be addressed. My blog is about expressing myself but also letting others express themselves on my posts as well. If you have an opinion of something or just want to say something, do not be afraid to do so.
    Again, thankyou for that comment, I appreciate that you addressed it because it is important ❤


  12. thriftynsplurgy says:

    Just came across this – Facebook has launched Help A Friend In Need guide. The guide helps people identify potential warning signs that a friend might be in emotional distress or suicidal and in need of help. Research indicates that having positive connections is an important factor in preventing suicide, and we strongly support efforts to connect people to their friends and family and resources in their time of need. Know more:


  13. Liz says:

    Thank you for this post. I’ve been depressed for the past 5 years and I’ve tried a few times over that period of time. It’s really something hardly anyone understands where I live (Alabama) and something people around here thinks is a joke or that the person just wants attention. I’m so sorry for your loss, Emily.

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  14. Katie Kuo says:

    Thank you Emily for writing this. I feel many people need to realise the seriousness of depression. I have suffered mild depression for a number of years, and although it cannot be compared with major depression, it’s enough to know that depression can really affect people in ways we may not understand. X

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Tony Burgess says:

    People have to be real about how they feel. It’s truly sad when someone takes their own life. Suffering in silence is never good and perhaps being open and honest is a good thing. Great post my friend. Keep on blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. thewallandthem says:

    Hello again.
    This is well written and I could connect with it completely. I wanted to share a story with you.
    Depression is very real. People just do not know how common and brutal it could be.
    Just about last year, I was in such a bad place in my life that I actually tried something like this.
    I was on pills then. I drank around 3-4 litres of alcohol and had 16 pills. I wanted to end it.
    People need to understand the magnitude of pain a person must be going through to make him/her want to end their lives. It’s so sad and so brutal.
    I’ve seen it first hand and I understand it completely.
    I hope I wasn’t too personal here.
    I cannot imagine what you must be going through so I will not try to either. I hope you find the strength to get better. You never forget your first love.
    Take care and stay strong. 🙂
    If you need someone to talk to someday please let me know. Again, take care.

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  17. laurelwolfelives says:

    I find that too often people only pay lip service to those who are truly suffering from depression. Their answer is most often “get over it.”
    I know I suffer from severe depression but I have to hide it. It makes me “look weak.” Oh, well.


  18. cynthiarobinsonblog says:

    Thanks for sharing such a useful post. Depression is something almost all of us go through and have definitely experienced at various degrees at some stage of our lives. The root of depression is “Hopelessness”.When we feel hopeless,helpless,inadequate or suffer a loss that cannot be replaced or a situation that cannot be rewritten is when we feel directionless and all the person can see is a dead end. Most people who are depressed feel like a dead fish just going with the flow , having no strength on their own to swim against the pressing current. This is because we tend to ruminate on the same negative thought or situation over and over again in our heads.If only we chose to stop there and take a look at people who are less fortunate than ourselves, compare yourself with those who have suffered a bigger loss, having much lesser and still managed to survive and fight through and stand strong – it will bring new hope . When we volunteer to ease someone else’s pain when you are in pain, you’re pain will reduce. We realise that we are not alone and this battle is part of being human and there will come a new awakening and a “New Hope” that God’s got our lives and we cannot quit until we have fulfilled the purpose of our existence that He has bestowed us to complete!

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  19. classroombeautytales says:

    Thank you for bringing awareness to this topic. This topic brings pain to so many people each year. A lot of bloggers don’t touch on these subjects and it is amazing that you are.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Shimonkepha says:

    A research I will have to start up one day is Social media vs depression.
    What actually prompted this was my friend (on Google+) shared with me that depression will be the second highest killer disease by 2020.
    The awareness of this malaise should be spread the more.
    Great article.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. sarah says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I’m so sorry for your lost. I’ve been there before on the line between life and suicide. It’s a hard place to be and the only thing that kept me here was reaching out and having people telling me I was better than that. My thoughts are with you and your friend’s family.

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  22. summer renae says:

    thank you for the thoughtful post, and for bringing attention to this subject. i sometimes suffer from bipolar depression aka the low side of bipolar disorder. it’s often mistaken for major depressive disorder (i was diagnosed as such for 16 years), but the outcomes (i.e. suicide) are just as dire. bipolar also includes equally dangerous manic episodes, during which sufferers can harm themselves through reckless behavior.

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  23. lovenoellee says:

    Thank you so much for bringing this topic to a lot of reader’s attention. This topic is extremely important to me and people see others that are struggling with anxiety, depression, etc. , as weak or even lazy. I have lost someone so important to me from suicide and since that happened, I’ve seen that not very many people know the background or statistics of it all. Thanks again for shining light on this very sensitive subject!

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  25. Ectoplasm says:

    Amazing how I can connect with you… have you tried supplements? i recommend a lot on my blog.. may help? Depression is hell to live with, and anything helps!


  26. Savvysaav says:

    I love everything about this post. I’ve been dealing with depression since high school and though I haven’t been tested for it, I know what it feels like. It went away for a while and came back, and I’ve recently started therapy and that’s been helping. I don’t take depression, anxiety, or suicide lightly. I’ve experienced it all, and I’m thankful I haven’t gone through with anything when I was at my lowest. I’ve been self destructive, and I used to cut myself, and it’s been a long time since I’ve done that, but there’s so many things that can trigger depression, and stuff. anyway, Great post! We all have to be mindful and aware of what people are going through or dealing with.


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