Becoming ‘That’ Girl

Warning: this post contains swearing.

You know those girls who have so much confidence, their attitude is bitchy and they think they own the place, while people stand on the side silently judging them but also silently praying to be them.
I’m becoming that girl. No, not the one standing on the side judging.. the one with the confidence and ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude. Yeah, I’m going to become a bitch.
Why? Let me tell you why.


Growing up, I was bullied, pushed around and used by friends, family and boyfriends.
I thought it would all stop once I hit my 20’s, but nope. I let people walk over me and I am done. I say no to things when I really want to say yes, I forgive everyone who treats me wrong and never stand up for myself. I have no confidence, I let my dreams be pushed to the side if someone doesn’t like it, I never make my own choices and rely on everyone to pick me up when I’ve fallen down. It’s time it’s stopped.

I’m not going to become one of those bad ass bitches who push everyone around and talks to people like they don’t exist. No. I’m going to become my own person, make my own choices, pick myselfΒ up when I’ve fallen down and have the confidence I’ve always wanted.
Yeah, I have stomach fat and thick thighs/arms, but if I like a piece of clothing and want to wear it, I will.
I’m not going to be pushed around anymore.
You know those friends who only want something from you when they need it but never make time for you when they don’t want something? Or they have a coffee with you that literally lasts 20 minutes and then they run off straight after and you don’t hear from them until maybe 2 weeks or even a month after? They never text you unless you text them first?
Yeah, I have a lot of those and I’m done. I am not just someone you can call up whenever you need something and then throw away when you have it.
No thanks.
I’m better than that and have dreams, a life where I want to succeed and I’m not letting anyone take that from me anymore.


Have you ever noticed that those really successful girls/women all have something that us ‘other’ women don’t have? No it’s not the fact they are successful, but it’s the whole attitude they have. They don’t let anyone push them around, they are their own boss and they made choices for themselves. They have confidence and I’m starting to realise that confidence has a big part in succeeding. I thrive for success. I have never been successful in anything in my life, always gave up when things got hard or quit because someone told me too. But the only thing I want right now, is to succeed in becoming good and making my way to the top, even if things get hard.
I am so determined to change my life around and become ‘that’ girl with the confidence, attitude and success.


I know what I want, and I am going to work my ass off everyday to get there.

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Remember, be you. Work hard to get where you want to be and don’t let anyone push you around.

Until next time..


Emily Rose xo


55 thoughts on “Becoming ‘That’ Girl

  1. Imagalaxygirl says:

    I’m always being told that I am a walking, talking door mat. Good for you for putting your foot down and standing up for yourself. Its about time I do the same. Confidence & attitude are key to being a strong woman x

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  2. thebacktobasic says:

    Hi! I hope that your dreams come true and I’m sure that you’ll become a more confident person, because you’re so determined and we can developed confidence over the time. I think that as long as we don’t compare ourselves to other people and love who we truly are, we can gradually develop selfconfidence 😊

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  3. fulloflifenaina says:

    I think I have became “that girl”, because now I am confident enough to know my way and you know I want to thank all haters, coz they made me what I am today confident and career oriented!!!

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  4. reevasmall says:

    Great post doll! And yes I agree, be the most confident, independent, strong woman you can be. There’s nothing more liberating than that. You might loose some friendships along the way the top but that just shows who your real friends/ relationships are. Stay focused especially on building your career and goals and you will reap the rewards πŸ˜‰

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  5. cornfedcontessa says:

    Great post Emily πŸ™‚ As someone who is old enough to be your mum, I would like to add my two cents. I have confidence to spare, not because I’m beautiful or successful, it’s because of who I am as a person. I’ve been dealing with haters my whole life. It gets very tiresome. I too have some of the same type of friends you speak of. People are inherently jealous of anyone who may be better looking, more successful, etc, than they are. I’m happy when my friends do well. Do they wish the same for me? Some of them do, others do not. I’m slowly getting away from the people who don’t applaud my success. I worked my butt off to get to where I am today. Being a good listener is key to having confidence. I think helping others helps as well. The world does not revolve around me. You won’t see endless selfies of me on Facebook. I’m more about my family. I have the best husband and a son whom I treasure. People will always try and tear you down. They want you to be as miserable as they are. While I may not be the best looking woman in the room anymore, I will certainly be the most interesting. And as the old saying goes, “good looks will get you about two weeks into a relationship, after that you are on your own.” You are on the right track. Good luck.

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  6. ladyd1ana says:

    AMEN to that, gurrrl! Same here. I’m working my way to being a happier person and finding myself and eliminating the toxic people from my life, even if said toxic people may be my own flesh and blood. Because life is too short to living it with regrets. Cheers. You’re on the right path. Wish you the best >:D<
    Diana |

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  7. sarah says:

    Yessss, I can completely relate. Doormat my whole life and expected confidence to somehow appear haha. It is time for us to stand up and start saying yes to our dreams and no to those who stand in our way. Usually people who perceive confidence as bitchiness as those who lack confidence themselves! Keep being you and don’t ever apologize for it!

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  8. ThroughTheLookingGlassAndDownTheRabbitHole says:

    I have some doormat-like qualities myself πŸ™‚ Totally feel your post. I also have “friends” who almost never text me first and I am tired of running after them. I decided that 2016 would be a year of personal development for me and I am trying my best to keep that going slowly but surely.
    Good luck with your dreams! I have no doubt that you will live the life you dream for yourself ❀

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  9. theyounggentlemanweb says:

    I just started my blog where I am going to post daily about men’s lifestyle and style tips so I will love it if you can give me a follow and some support 😊 and please check me on Instagram @theyounggentlemanxo πŸ’•


  10. saturdayonwednesday says:

    I hope you gain the confidence and make the changes you seek! Though I do hope you do that without becoming a bitch haha. Also I know exactly what you mean by those friends that just make appearances when convenient and then disappear! I need to purge myself of these too xxx

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  11. Erytheia The Red says:

    Great attitude, great post. I too have had those kind of friends, and you know what? I just stopped texting… and haven’t heard from them in years now. The friends I have now are the right ones. As my favorite youtuber says, “You do you boo!”

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  12. EMILY ROSE says:

    I’m not actually becoming a ‘bitch’ haha
    It’s just a figure of speech.
    What I mean is, I’m going to achieve all my dreams and gain the confidence I want and won’t let anyone or anything stop me. To some, that might come across as ‘uptight’ or ‘bitchy’ because you’re doing things your way instead of their way for once, if that makes sense?

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  13. vickislettersfromtheheart says:

    I cut a ‘friend’ off last year for the reasons you mentioned above and the fact she always had something negative to say about me, or another friend and negativity does not live well in my world! But this post speaks to me on a personal level so thank you and hopefully I can change into ‘THAT girl’ x


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