Review: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish

Have you ever searched and searched for that perfect bronzer but just can’t seem to find one and then you are left feeling sad because you can’t give your face that amazing bronze glow you really want?
Yeah, same here. That was until I found my perfect bronzer.
Okay, so it’s not actually a ‘bronzer’, well I don’t think it is, but I use it as one and my goodness, it leaves me with that amazing bronze glow that I love! And a little bit of shimmer to make me feel glamorous.
The product I’m talking about, is the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish.
You may have heard of it before, probably in one of my recent makeup tutorials, and I am absolutely in love with it.
It retails for $47.00 AUD at Myer, or you can purchase it for $48.00 AUD on their website.

I got mine in the shade ‘cheeky bronze’ but there are 8 other shades you can get as well.
I will definitely go back to Myer and purchase the other shades once I have the money but for now, this product is my absolute holy grail in my makeup stash!

I have tested it out as a contour as well, which actually turned out amazing! I did have to build up the colour, but that was okay with me as I like to do that anyway to get the perfect depth of colour I’m aiming for.


apologies for the shitty photo – swatch of the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish.

As you can see from the swatch above, the shade isn’t to intense, but perfect for an everyday look or a night out/date night.
This is only 2 swipes of the colour, but if you keep building it up, it turns out to be an amazing contour/bronze shade all in one.

This would be absolutely perfect to use in the summer time when you don’t want to cake on makeup but want that lovely summer glow.
Or even on your wedding day, or a family/friends day out, when you don’t want to get all dressed up and looking like you tried too hard.

If you don’t have this product in your stash, you need to get it. It’s simply the best bronzing product I have owned and a must-have product!


  • Comes in 8 different shades you can choose from.
  • The colour isn’t to intense to wear for an everyday look.
  • Perfect for contouring and bronzing.
  • The packaging is small enough to travel with.
  • The colour is gorgeous.


  • The price is a bit on the expensive side, but it’s honestly worth it.



So there you have it. My honest review of the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish. This item is not sponsored at all, I bought it with my own money and all opinions are mine and 100% honest.

I do think you should definitely add this to your makeup stash if you have the money, or request it for a birthday/graduation/Christmas gift. If you already own this item, let me know what your thoughts are on it!

Until next time..



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17 thoughts on “Review: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish

  1. artisanne101 says:

    Is this the last straw lol? EVERYONE has been ranting and raving about this product and how awesome it is as a highlighter. I checked it out and this bad boy is 38USD which is so expensive but since you gave it a ten over ten, I’m more than willing to try it! dear pocket, get ready to cry a bit lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. EMILY ROSE says:

    This particular shade will be better as a bronzer/contour as its a lot darker than the other 7 shades available, but I have tested out a few of the other shades and agree that they make an amazing highlight! Definitely worth checking out! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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